Our Team: Passion + creativity + experience

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Kimberly Kent, Art Broker

Kimberly operates and manages an art brokerage service based in Portland, Oregon for projects ranging from large institutional and health care installations to multi-family common areas and office lobbies.

She work closely with clients, owners, and project designers to select original artworks and/or prints that reflect owner and client preferences, complement the architectural and interior design and use of the space, and adhere to the project budget. She does not represent individual artists, which allows her to fully focus on the needs of her clients and their projects.

She has worked in the art community for over 25 years, and takes full advantage of her extensive local, national, and international network to identify or commission the right pieces of art for the aesthetic that clients aim to achieve.

Devin Culbertson, Industry Advisor

I was born in Portland, and despite living in Hawaii, Austin, and Seattle, my path has always wound back to the Willamette Valley. I enjoy Sailing, tinkering with improvements on my 110-year-old house and generally learning new things and wrestling with new challenges. My academic background is in Sociology and Urban Planning, but I've worked in real estate as a developer, analyst, and advisor for the last 12 years.  

I work with Kimberly's team to bring my experience with commercial real estate and project management to the ever-increasing complexity of her projects. As her clients trust her with new branding and procurement challenges, we collaborate on strategy and systems to smoothly manage artists, vendors, client selection committees, third-party contractors and tight schedule windows.  

Nora Harbison, Digital Image Coordinator

I am a high school senior at Franklin, and have been friends with Kimberly and her daughter since I was born. I pass time rock climbing and playing guitar as well as being a self taught artist in painting, drawing and ceramics. This past year I began working with digital images and building websites for different school organizations. Next year I will attend Pacific University to pursue a career in health care as well as continuing my work with Kimberly and her team.

As a part of Kimberly's team I work as a web designer and digital image coordinator. I am currently working on her websites as well as posting some of her paintings for online sale.

Amy McLain, Project Coordinator

Iā€™m originally from Texas and spent a decade in Austin before heading to the Pacific Northwest in 2006 in search of rain. Oregon has exceeded all expectations of moisture and beauty! I'm also an artist and enjoy making both original and print art. My robots, dogs and other fun creations can be found in galleries, booth shows, bars and brunch spots around the Portland Metro Area.

In my free time I love every dog, especially my own.

As Project Coordinator at Kent Art Brokerage, I offer assistance where needed and work behind the scenes on our calls for art, client presentations, and the art delivery and installation phases. I am also a point of contact for general inquiries, and I enjoy communicating with the wonderful artists who submit their work for our projects.